I wish the leaders of the modern day church would BE REAL with their members. Educate them on true New Testament GRACE GIVING instead of fear mongering with a curse that was not directed at them.

BE REAL about INVESTING in the programs that they participate in, instead of promising hundred fold blessings in a SEED that the Bible defines as the Word (not money).

BE REAL about the Gospel message of Jesus Christ; born, died & risen for our salvation, instead of a message of works and feel good platitudes.

about what New Testament fellowship is, instead if the programmed repeated ceremony the church has devolved into.

about the true context of a scripture verse, instead of “proof-texting” which is the practice of taking different, unrelated verses of Scripture, often out of context, to “prove” that their position lines up with the Bible. (which is easy to do since many members, by and large, only pick up their own Bibles when they walk through the doors of the edifice).

False teaching is easy to pass off when mixed with a little “truth” to a people that take the easy road of letting someone else “do ministry.” Instead of being the true temple of the Holy Spirit; they think they have to GO TO the temple to “hear” from God.

and perhaps YOUR MINISTRY will give way to GOD’S MINISTRY.
That could be a reason many would rather keep on with THEIR programs instead of BEING REAL.

Just sayin’

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