We have to get out of religion and get into relationship.
Get out of religion and get into Christ.

One of the greatest distractions to a relationship with Christ is organized religion.

Why is it a distraction?
Because it gives the appearance that you are getting closer to God when all they are trying to do is get you closer to them.

  • Support the church
  • Support the pastor’s vision
  • Support our ministries
  • Support our congregation

with your tithes and offerings, with your volunteerism, your donations, your assistance, your participation, your attendance.

Now all these things have their place, but we have to be careful. Are we doing all these “things” for the benefit of man or to glorify God? We may believe we are doing it to glorify God but, where is the fruit? How many of these things listed above actually touch the true needs of people? Are they feeding the hungry? Are they visiting the prisoners? Are they caring for the widows in their afflictions? Are they visiting the fatherless? How many people in the “church” have their gas or electricity cut off or lose their cars and homes while under the “cover” of a church organization? What happened to that “covering?” I’ve heard it said that they didn’t have enough faith or that they were in those situations because they didn’t “tithe indeed.” Many of these poor souls sacrificed their last because a church organization appealed to them for their “support of the ministry” above they’re own livelihood with the promise of a blessing that never comes.

Where does all that “support” go? Into the maintenance of an organization, building, staff, etc. or into the lives of people? If you are on the “Trustee Board” of a church organization, look at the books and ask yourself, “are we doing God’s will or the mission of the church organization?” I can assure you that more than 60% (and upwards to 90%) of the “support” goes towards the maintenance of the organization.

Reading God’s Word for yourself can be a great first step in getting to know the heart of God for your life. Stop listening to the “prophets” that deliver soothing words of comfort and promotion, then tell you that it is tied to your support. Give an offering (buy) for their teaching series, come to our “conference” to learn how to “manifest God’s Glory” in your life…etc…etc…etc…

Rev 18:4 “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”

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