Thought for today – 11/27/2014


“Healing is surely to come. It may be the healing of my body. I expect so with all my heart. Or it may be the healing of my weary spirit, which has not always been peaceful in the run and the muck, the thistles and the sweats of this worldly existence. This last rest I do also expect with all my heart. I won’t be surprised to hear the voice of the Lord at the end of things physical. I believe in both. It is not reasonable. Even to myself I cannot make these pieces fit. A paradox.

“Nonetheless! In spite of the paradox this must pose, I repeat what I’ve written before: I am completely at peace with this drama. This adventure.

“Even the seeming of my body’s loss — that swift invasion of allergenic symptoms caused by the chemicals last week — hasn’t stolen from me the blessings of my adventure. God does not cause human misery, nor does he desire the death of any person on earth. But he can and does participate in the complexities of human life. He takes, therefore, advantage of our weaknesses to love our spirits and to prop up our weary bones.”

-Walter Wangerin Jr., Letters From the Land of Cancer

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