Better Have My Money

Better Have My Money!
How B.E.T. Is Helping Scam Preachers Con Your Grandmother New Orleans Bureau 08/11/2013

There is something about Peter Popoff and Todd Coontz that has proven irresistible to elderly Black Women who suffer from insomnia, and spend most of the night watching B.E.T. (Black Entertainment Television). Today I plan to send BET a Cease and Desist Letter and demand that they change the name of their station to something other than “Black Entertainment Television” because I am not entertain, not in the least bit.

BET has even topped The Word Network as broadcasting some of the most criminal Pimp Preachers the Body of Christ has ever seen.

After 12 midnight you could find any type of Christian scam imaginable on BET – from $100 Prayer Handkerchiefs to tap water repackaged as “Miracle Water.” One scam after the next – hour after hour, BET has sunk to a low that no other network would even dare to stoop, not even the Playboy Channel.

Yet it’s called Black Entertainment Television, but none of the “Black People” I know would ever admit to watching BET. After the music videos sign off then the Freaks Come Out At Night. Eight hours of non-stop Preachers! Two of the worst just happens to be Peter Popoff and Todd Coontz.

Really Grandma! Really!

First let me start off with Peter Popoff and his traveling scam show that draws elderly Black women by the hundreds for fake healing sessions. Deep down I think these women know Peter Popoff is scam, but their need and desire for attention is too much to resist the five minutes of fame he gives them.

As I sit there last night watching these women participate in this fake healing scam, I got even angrier with the false prophet in their mist. Now that I think about it I can’t really call Peter Popoff a “False Prophet” because his ministry doesn’t even proclaim the Gospel at all. He simply rents a hotel room, launch a few overnight ads on BET announcing his next location, and then wait for Desperate Black Housewives to migrate.

This guy has built a multimillion dollar ministry off poor African American women and none of the bigger names in ministry have uttered one word in protest. Nothing from Bishop T.D. Jakes, Bishop Paul Morton, Creflo Dollar, Bishop I.V. Hillard or Fred Price, but now that I think about it, all of them also have also have overnight broadcast on BET.

For the life in me I cannot understand what makes a person pick up their credit card, and call a 800 number in the middle of the night in order to Sow a Seed?

For the first time we are witnessing a true battle of Preacher Pimps as the local church Pimps are now having to share that fixed income money with the White Television Pimps and their hotel conference room sanctuaries.


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