Thought for today – 08/28/2011


1. Take 20 minutes by yourself at the beginning of each day.

2. Live above small troubles by losing yourself in big, worthwhile interests.

3. Grow every day; life is a game; keep your eye on the ball, rather than on the scoreboard.

4. Have power to see things through; keep remembering that most accomplishments are three-fourths drudgery, and one-fourth joy.

5. Alternate your interests. It is better to be busy than bored. Balance your life with work, play, love, and worship.

6. Be gracious to others; do kind deeds beyond the call of duty; remember that every person is fighting a battle.

7. Talk over your problems with others- with confiding friends, your doctor of medicine, your minister, your God.

8. Work and co-operate with God, praying that God will do something through you rather than for you.

~Thomas Kepler

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